Title of the Program and its Manual


Social Sciences Group:

  • Matriculation Social Sciences
  • Intermediate Social Sciences
  • B.A. Social Sciences


Business Management Group:

  • Matriculation Business Management
  • Intermediate Business Management
  • B.A. Business Management
  • M.A. Business Operations Management


Agriculture Group:

  • Matriculation Agriculture Economy
  • Intermediate Agriculture Business Management
  • B.A.  Agriculture Business Development
  • MSC Agriculture Business Research and Practices


Nursery Business Development:

  • Matriculation Nursery Economics
  • Intermediate Nursery Business Enterprise
  • B.A. Nursery Business Development
  • M.A. Nursery Research Analysis and Development


MSC in the Mohammed (S.A.W) Vision of Human Development


MSC in Managerial Business Operations

This course has been designed for those who are holding non business qualification in order to equip them with the business or related application


National Data Collection and Management

  • Matriculation National Data Research
  • Inter National Data Economics
  • Bachelor National Data Management
  • Master National Data Analysis Research and System Design


  • Matriculation
  • Inter
  • Bachelor
  • Master


Food Management

  • Matriculation
  • Inter
  • Bachelor
  • Master


  1. International institute of Islamic Economics Research
  2. Seafood development institute
  3. National teachers training institute
  4. National institute of information technology
  5. National institute of software development
  6. National building solutions
  7. National institute of youth development
  8. National institute of English language
  9. Establishment of rent regularity authority
  10. Mega managerial structure
  11. Public politics in Pakistan
  12. National health coverage services
  13. National domestic employment exchange
  14. Education up to inter free in a free market economy
  15. Pension coverage for regardless of country either under developing or poor
  16. New techniques and system