our-specialities Global Recession New Form of State Background Debt Reduction Capability The 21st Century Vision The End of the 21st Century Vision The Futuristic Economy Shape
Our Specialities1 Global Recession2 New Form of State Background3 Debt Reduction Capability4 The 21st Century Vision5 The End of the 21st Century Vision6 The Futuristic Economy Shape7 8 8


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Revisiting The Economic
Frame Work of Pakistan

Vision of European Union 2020


Vision of Pakistan 2025

A World Changing Organisation

Welcome to Think Tank Pakistan

We welcome the visitors of our website: www.thinktankpakistan.com It was Established in 2006, since then it has been working on Various National and International issues. This is 21st century friendly think tank.

The main objective of this organization is to redefining political, Economical and Financial affairs of the world, providing relief and balancing center among the people and the state.

Reducing financial burden over the governments and Generating relief for the people and strengthening state functions.



Current Wealth Management 

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Islamic Portal Part I

What is the Meaning of Islam? “The Faith” The Prophets of Islam The Core Objective of Almighty Allah “The God” The Core Book of Islam
The Core Personality of Islam The Best Companions of the Prophet in His Time Companion Journey Continues Some of the Known Companions of the Prophet of Islam The Unknown, Uncountable Companions of Islam

Islamic Portal Part II

The Political Dimensions of Islam The Social Charter of Islam The Economic Order of Islam Punishment:
i) In This World
ii) Punishment After Death
Rewards Impact upon world affairs The Scientific and technological dimensions, objectives and systems

Islamic Portal Part III

Islamic Indocators System Design, Development, Social, Economic, Financial & Scientific Application in the context of Islam


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Vision of European Union 2020

1. Malta Vision 2. Economic Vision
3. Excellence in Financial Services 4. Speech by European Commissioner Health and Consumer